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Lost Sanity Productions is proud to announce the SECOND annual Lost Sanity International Film Festival.


Who will take home the coveted "golden zombie" trophies this year? We are accepting both short and feature length films (as well as unproduced screenplays) in the genres of HORROR, SCI-FI, COMEDY , ANIMATION, DRAMA and as a special attraction for December we are adding a CHRISTMAS category (any short film that has a Christmas/holiday theme).

We are thrilled to announce we will be screening our selected entries at The Shannon in Hoboken, NJ and holding an award ceremony for our winners directly afterward.

We are also honored to announce we will be presenting our dear colleague & horror actress extraordinaire; Sarah French with the Queen of the Graveyard Award for her contributions to the horror genre on the big screen !


Awards & Prizes

Trophies will be presented in the following categories :

(Horror ) 
Evil Genius Award : Best Director for a horror short 
Bloody Brood Award: Best Ensemble Cast in a horror short 
Scream Queen Award: Best Actress in a horror short 
It's ALIVE Award : Best Visual Effects in a horror short 
The Jack Torrance Award: Best Actor in a horror short 
The Freddy's Boiler Room Award: BEST HORROR SHORT 
The Amityville Award : BEST HORROR FEATURE

( Sci-Fi ) 
The "Spock It To Me" Award: Best Director for a sci-fi short 
The Colonel Deering Award: Best Actress in a sci-fi short 
The Danger Will Robinson Award: Best Actor in a sci-fi short 
The Crop Circle Award : Best Sci-fi short 
The UFO Award: Best Sci-fi Feature

The "Oh Hai Mark" Award : Best director for a comedic short 
The "Jerk" Award: Best actor in a comedic short 
The Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Award: Best actress in a comedic short 
The Pull My Finger Award: Best Comedic Short 
The Holy Grail Award: Best Comedic Feature 
(Drama ) 
Best Director for a dramatic short 
Best Actress in a dramatic short 
Best Actor in a dramatic short 
Best Dramatic Short 
Best Dramatic Feature

What's Up Doc Award- Best Animated Short

The George Bailey Award- Best Christmas/Holiday Short


Best Unproduced Short Screenplay ( 15 pages or less )

Best Unproduced Feature Screenplay

Submission Rules: 
- Must own Copyrights to Film ( including all music heard within your film or have expressed permission from the musical artist(s) to use their work ) 
- Send via FilmFreeway downloadable links ( no dvds accepted ) 
- There are NO Specified Dates required for Production 
- For Screenplay submissions please make sure your work is fully copyrighted or registered with the WGA 
- we will once again state, we CANNOT screen the FEATURE length films at the festival due to time constraints, but we will invite the award winning filmmakers to the festival to present them their trophies

- Short films constitute any film which is 30 minutes or less, any film longer than that is considered a feature